Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i can see your insides

Radiology started on Monday, and I must say that I am SO glad I put this rotation last. It's fantastic. Amazing. Truly a joy. Here's what happened on the first day:

~ Sarada standing outside of PACS reading room with other students ~

Radiology Resident: So...we're pretty relaxed. It's a pretty chill rotation. Yeah.
Us: Okay...
RR: Yeah... we're pretty casual.
Us: Right. So when do you want us to show up? 8? 9?
RR: Oh, you know. Just...whenever... we're pretty casual.
Us: ...whenever?
RR: Yeah. Oh, and we have lectures. But you can just come to the ones you want. It's very chill...yeah.
Us: ...Chill.
RR: (sips coffee) Yeah. We're chill.

We couldn't believe it, so we asked the students on the rotation before us. On average, people showed up like 2-3 days per week.

(Warning: I'm going to throw out a WTF, but it's going to be in the best possible way.)


I just love this rotation =)

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  1. You can't lie to a radiologist. Those X-rays will see right through you!