Friday, April 16, 2010

an addendum to yesterday's post

My friend T, working in the emergency department of the hospital I'm at, called me this afternoon to tell me a great story about a new patient she saw, in keeping with the theme of objects-in-the-vagina-that-don't-belong. Apparently, this lady came in saying that she took a klonopin, just ONE, then got so messed up from it that she actually placed a days-of-the-week pillbox... in the vagina.

And here she is, 5 days later, not sure if it's still there, not sure how to get it out. My friend T astutely pointed out that you do not get knocked out from one pill and then feel compelled to place objects into the vagina, and that this patient is probably not giving us the whole story. Also, that the patient may think the pillbox is in the vagina when it is really in the anus, and not understand the difference, anatomically. (Hey now, not everyone's comfortable with their own hoo-hoo!!) The patient insisted on a female doctor and student, unfortunately not realizing that the male attendings, radiologists, radiology technicians and potentially surgeons / ob-gyns would all be seeing it too.

For her sake, I hope it can be retrieved manually...

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