Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Subject Close To My Heart

I don't want to beat anybody over the head in either direction. But the NY Times has a terrific article coming up this weekend on abortion provision in our country, and how shifts in medical education and training for ob-gyn residency has changed our attitudes and ability to access decent care.

NY Times: The New Abortion Providers

My only point is this: it's legal, and women deserve reasonable access to safe procedures without risk of being hassled (either as abortion providers, nurses or patients). We don't hassle transplant surgeons for giving new livers to recovering alcoholics, and we don't hassle psychiatrists for treating sex offenders. Let doctors learn, train and do their jobs without the politics. We all have a responsibility to treat our patients to the very best of our ability, and that means knowing how abortion procedures work and how to manage the care and complications, even if one doesn't plan on providing them in practice. If you don't want people in your community to terminate their unwanted pregnancies, let's all work together on ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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