Saturday, July 10, 2010

Definitely Not an I-Banker

Not that it needs repeating, but it is depressing to be home on a Saturday night when all of your friends at home are out for the weekend, tubing and catching up with out-of-towners and just generally enjoying their summer.

Here's what I'm reading:

The sad part is that I am trying very hard to actually remember all of the important topics I am learning about in surgery and for Step III. Unfortunately, all of my brain space is occupied, because I have the entire Harry Potter series memorized. Blood supply to the gallbladder? Umm, I think it involves the celiac trunk, somewhere. Etymology of the name "Dumbledore"? It originates from the Old English word used to describe a buzzing sound, most often associated with bumblebees.

To make things worse, here is my desk setup:

And here is my actual desk, parked in front of the tv:

At least I am trying, though. In my chapter on wound healing, I was losing focus, only to find references to cutting-edge research being done in Princeton and Plainsboro and other parts of central NJ, where I am from. So don't go talking shiz-nit about my state, yo. JERSEY PRIDE!!!

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