Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stars in my eyes

My big fear is that the post you're about to read is going to sound like I'm shilling for a product, and I don't want you to think I've been paid or anything. This is all on my own dime.

I'm in love with my phone.

I finally got the HTC Incredible. And damn, it is. It is slim, light, with a lovely smooth touch screen and easy to use navigation buttons as well. It has an 8 megapixel camera with flash, which I never thought I'd care about, now seems to fit in the unexpected category of Things Sarada Though She'd Hate But Love Instead (along with Chevy Silverado pickups and country music). It has a decent amount of memory, which is convenient because those apps are pretty addictive. Even with my genetic tendency to be cheap (I'm refusing to buy any apps till I get my first paycheck), the apps are pretty damn good.

I can read all the news I want and then some. I can sync seamlessly with both my gmail accounts, even chats, and my google calendar as well. I can monitor my account with my cell phone carrier. I have Epocrates for free. (And once I stop being cheap, I'll get a nifty EKG analysis app.) And, best of all, I can use Skype to call my sister in Thailand whenever I want, without using up my minutes!! It's pretty damn sweet, let me tell you.

However, in the interest of BALANCED REPORTING, let me give you 2 downsides:

1) Battery life blows. But I got a free Task Killer app, which quietly closes all your open apps for you so that your battery doesn't die quite so quickly. I will most likely have to buy the new extended life battery when it comes out, and perhaps an extra charger or two for work.

2) I don't have a second HTC Incredible to take a picture of me happily using my first one. Curses. And so I include this portrait of interpretive dance:

(Ok, I know the last one doesn't count. But it really is bugging me all the same.)

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