Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Idle Hands

Most specialties like to ask why you're interested in ________ specifically, as in "What is it that draws you to Obstetrics and Gynecology?" and you're supposed to answer from the heart, such as "Well, I enjoy cottage cheese and the smell of rancid fish." My stock answer for surgery was that I liked the thought process, the challenge of growing my bank of knowledge (a carefully chosen phrase) and also the problem-solving that it required.

We're now on Week 5 Of Vacation, though, and I'm realizing that perhaps the real answer is something a lot simpler - I hate idle hands. This isn't to say that I don't absolutely love being a couch potato, zoning out or being otherwise slovenly. But after awhile, I stop being able to sit still, mentally and physically. My boyfriend often comments on how I constantly fidget, or create distractions for myself when the task is mental (like studying). It's really common for me to pull out my phone to check the news, only to not even read it, just click through sites. (Although I am a thorough news fiend. It's just that after 2 pm, there's rarely anything new to report, and I still check anyways.)

The one and only way I can stay focused on a task is when it is a physical, mindless, fine skill thing like typing or sewing, OR it is to take up a new obsession. And this time, it's watching back episodes of Lost. And analyzing. And re-analyzing. This is a pattern I have maintained so many times over the years, and usually it ends up with me suddenly dropping the show. Before Lost, it was Cesar Milan, then Buffy, then Bones, then A&E Intervention. You can see from this pattern that I tend towards shows that either give me the "EEEE!!!" feeling (ex: Spike the vampire) or the "ugggghhhh" feeling (ex: dead bodies for autopsy / crime-solving on Bones). And so, I make a plea to Hulu: please put up the rest of Season 6. I will be eternally grateful. Also, any gratuitous Daniel Dae Kim clips would be much appreciated.


(Note for my own Asian: He makes me miss you!! I promise!! =*)

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