Sunday, June 27, 2010

Focus Pocus

It's Day 2 of Operation: Start Studying for the Boards, and it is not going well. I keep sitting down to read on gynecology, a subject I actually enjoy, and I just cannot focus. I found a TINY spot in my apt with just a little bit of WiFi reception, so I am finally catching up on all the entertainment gossip I have missed, and tracking England vs Germany. (For my British cousins, I'm sorry to say that I am rooting for Germany. Rooney just doesn't do it for me, and England is playing like a bunch of babies.) I watched Gandhi yesterday, and finished part 1 of the Glee season on DVD, and futzed around, and cleaned up my living room, and basically found every possible way of avoiding my homework.

I am SO not ready for residency. Or responsibility. Or anything.

(On a related note, I just heard a raucous cheering coming from my computer. Turns out that the NYTimes has their World Cup blog programmed to cheer everytime a goal is scored. 4-1 Germany, bitches!!)

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