Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The TV Version of My Life

I just came back this morning from my first ER shift, which was overnight.  Things went pretty decently overall, and I finally was able to see how an acute CVA is managed from when the patient comes in the door to when the patient is finally admitted, which was nice.  However, my brain is fried from very intermittent sleep, and so I will present a totally brainless yet totally worthwhile collection of...


For those of you not familiar, Scrubs was a TV comedy which ended a year or two ago.  It was very lighthearted and absurdist, yet probably had the most accurate portrayal of medicine on television.  (At least compared to the more melodramatic stuff like Grey's Anatomy, House or ER.)  So, here is the top 5, and please note (of course) that I do not own any of these videos, and I am not distributing them for profit:

5) The Pediatrician: This scene is where Dr. Cox and Jordan are looking for a pediatrician for their newborn son, and Dr. Cox (a Dr. House-like figure) meets his match.  I love this because it is both hilarious and accurate in depicting how some attendings can cut through the crap like nobody's business.

4) Things I Could Care Less About: This particular clip is more about Dr. Cox not caring that it is JD's last day of residency, but it always reminds me of the fact that, on surgical rounds, there are things your seniors care about hearing and things they don't.  Woe betide you if you mix the two up!

3) Exploratory Surgery: Self-explanatory awesomeness.

2) Medical Gangs: This is JD's daydream of the rivalry between medicine residents and surgical residents, and how he and his best friend Turk reconcile it.

1) How To Become A Surgical Attending: If only knocking out the competition for surgical residency was this awesome.  Bonus points for The Todd and his Betrayal Five.

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  1. Thanks for a great blog, really enjoy reading it and very informative too. Can you please share what the seniors care about on surgical rounds. Hoping it will help when I get to do rounds in the future. Thanks