Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 Things I Hate About My Life

This isn't really much of a philosophical post as much as it is...bitching.

Here are some things that I find overwhelming and just cannot stand anymore:

1) Having to beg people to do their very basic jobs
2) Having to act like they have done me a favor afterwards, and I am beholden to give them my first-born child
3) Criticism that is neither constructive nor appropriate, and unceasing even when I state a desire for cessation.
4) External pressure from people for things that are not yet in my control
5) Not drinking enough water because I am too busy running around, and then feeling like I have a UTI afterwards
6) Call rooms filled with mosquitoes that keep me from sleeping
7) Multiple parties all vying for my time and attention, followed by the same multiple parties acting offended when I cannot meet them 100% unless I forgo sleep and study time
8) Being told that I am not doing enough, and then being told that I am too obsessed with doing the same activity
9) Any level of running commentary on my appearance, ever.
10) Having finally gotten my own job, apartment and paycheck, and still not being able to exist with room to breathe.

Ok, rant over.

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