Thursday, March 25, 2010

and you'll be trusting your organs to me someday

I must say, I got a little nervous about posting and not getting sued!! (Boyfriend-lawyer has scared me into a shell...) I will just do my very best to preserve the anonymity of the hospitals, doctors and patients I meet. And then I'll get sued under HIPAA anyways. Awesome.

(If you're one of my future attendings, please forgive me. I promise I'm not talking about when I describe a monster in physician's clothing. Especially since I think you might eat me up and spit out my bones.)

Speaking of consumption of medical students, I passed by the ICU attendings' office the other day. The door was open, and I peeked in looking for someone who would write an evaluation for me. This was tucked away on the top shelf:

At first I thought it was adorable. But then I had a second, more frightening vision of the future, in which I would one day look at medical students without identifying with them. I really hope I can hold onto my memories of the experience, but seeing this jar made me wonder if the act of being a doctor takes you away from being a student in the broader sense.

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